Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkeys

I am really starting to enjoy making decorated sugar cookies.  There are so many possibilities for techniques and designs!  These were especially fun because they were for our Thanksgiving celebration.  Originally, I planned to put each person's name on the turkeys as place cards, but decided not to risk it and that simple was best.  They were a huge hit, and now it's time to start thinking about Christmas cookies!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wedding Celebration

A couple requested that I make them a wedding cake for just the two of them.  They were getting married in a private ceremony, and wanted to celebrate that day (and what better way than with cake?) and also save some for later.  They have had my cupcakes before, and loved the blueberry lemon ones.  So, for their cake, I just expanded on those flavors.  The cake was lemon with lemon cream cheese and blueberry jam in the center (one layer).  The cake was iced in buttercream, with buttercream flowers, chocolate monogram and carrot cake bites for the pumpkins on top.  I enjoyed making this for them and going outside of my comfort zone.  Cheers!

Birthday Cake Donuts

I had the opportunity to do something very fun and very different for an 8th birthday party.  The party was a pool party, and the birthday girl wanted glazed donuts, but have them look like life preservers and innertubes.  To say this was a challenge is putting it mildly!  However, I think they turned out ok; at least, the birthday girl and her guests enjoyed them, and that's the most important thing!  By the way, how awesome is it that she wanted donuts instead of cake?!